Friday, April 25

Tuesday, April 22

Small Things Matter

Happy Earth Day!

Today is filled with lots of activities to promote a cleaner, healthier and more resiliant environment. Most of us recognize, however, that every day is earth day, and this realization is critical to our existence. We also realize that only a small percentage of us are environmental activists and that most of us are regular people focused on day to day challenges. The days of feeling useless and overwhelmed when faced with global warming and global environmental doom are over for me. I do what I can and appreciate that small things matter when conserving the earth's resources.

Our household has made many small changes in our lifestyle: using compact flourescent bulbs, lowering heating and raising cooling temps, walking to stores, movies, etc., using less water (e.g., five minute showers, full dishwashers, cold water clothes washing, water lawns twice a week or less), and fewer road trips. Larger lifestyle changes are a win/win such as buying a hybrid car and using public transportation more often. The earth benefits from a reduction in carbon emissions and we benefit from a decrease in fuel expenses.

Now... on to solar water heaters,backyard wind mills and more!

Thursday, April 17


Sweet little flower, bright, colorful and available!

I showed my friend how to use my little Canon Powershot the other day. It was fun showing and telling her how to do something I now take for granted.

Plus... it was a really nice day for a walk.