Thursday, August 16

Since You've Been Gone

Light Up Heaven, Aretha, Our Glorious Queen of Soul
Ms. Aretha Franklin made joyful music all of her life. Even her heart wrenching sad songs soared above mundane tragedy.  She tenderly tapped the reservoir of our feelings and gave them color, texture, and intensity. She opened my heart and demonstrated a tough bounce-back attitude with an extra helping of solid-gold class. As the interview below indicates, Aretha was always a lady.  

May all beings know love and peace and the divine music of Aretha Franklin.

Saturday, August 4

Cool Water

Main Chute - Slide Rock, AZ

Red Rock Crossing, AZ

Red Rock Crossing - Bird Sanctuary

One thing I like about reading the newspaper is the weather section. Today's temperatures nationwide are in the high 80s and low 90s. Phoenix and Bagdad are suffering the same broiling temperature high of 110 degrees, a life draining swelter-fest especially for desert dwellers without air conditioning. Pretty soon, more cities will reach high temps of 110 degrees. Can't image what Phoenix will be like, though, probably unlivable. Climatologists predict a hotter world with year-round fire seasons and a planet surface like Mars, scorched and lifeless.

With 70% of earth's surface covered in water, it is unlikely that our beautiful, blue, ocean planet will dry up any time soon. All the more reason to cherish and protect this oasis in our sterile universe.

The San Francisco Exploratorium sent out a news release the other day, letting the fortunate Bay Area folk know about the many wonderful exhibits and events planned for it's August Ocean Discovery Month. Maybe I'll wander up that direction and stop by the gorgeous Monterey Bay Acquarium as well.