Wednesday, November 26

Shiny Peace Pebble

Well, the holiday season has officially begun! I am starting to pack for a trip to my mother in law's in Arizona and decided to add a little more stress by bringing a futon in the back of our truck. Seemed like a good idea, but I forgot that old saying, "Be careful what you wish for..." and I've been wishing for rain! Put a futon, plus torrential rains, plus a 400 mile trip together and let the fun begin : - ( There are other stress factors kicking off this holiday season's frivolities, but we're taking them as they come - one day at a time.

Despite the rain, furniture moving madness, and usual family interaction stuff, it will be fabulous! I just hope my husband survives his sixteen hour workday today and is able to sleep through the trip. I also hope my son and his family have a safe trip to Mom's house and enjoy themselves. We are thankful to have healthy family and friends, money to pay bills plus a little extra, and real love and happiness. Life is good!

May all beings know love and peace. We are grateful.

Sunday, November 23

Art and Healing

"There is a global energy that is screaming to be let out on the canvas. It speaks of the spirit of humanity, the omnipresent, the one God, one life. People of all faiths are becoming more comfortable in coming forth and sharing their beliefs. Art can be the universal language that transcends all languages with the message of love and oneness. It is the coming home to Spirit, regardless of the spiritual path. That type of art has the potential to heal the world."
- artist, Malcomn Farley

Thursday, November 13

Vitamin C and Hand Sanitizer Season

It's time to get mentally and physically prepared to resist cold weather illnesses. It has been so dry and the air quality so poor in Los Angeles, that allergies, more than cold viruses cause much of the seasonal health problems.

I just bought some oranges - slightly tart - but good. Eating and drinking our vitamins and minerals is probably the best way to stay healthy. Here's an interesting video on the subject.

Thursday, November 6

Be Brave in the New World - Remix

"The brave new world I speak of is created from the fearlessness of the self and knows no division or enemies. This brave new world is the budding of human consciousness - the waking up of humanity to the realization of its true spiritual identity. This is a time of true freedom from our addiction to fear and a new understanding of fear as a vehicle for reawakening us when we have fallen asleep at the wheel of life." - Joseph Bailey, "Fear Proof Your Life"

The election of Barack Obama renews my faith in humanity. What I like about Obama is that he is not afraid of work. It is hard work figuring out a positive path to travel in this troubled world. He has the intellect, drive, and stamina to lead the way to a better place and inspire others to help him do it. Family, friends, coworkers express the same feeling of lightness. We can breathe again and we feel relieved that the painful, destructive dark cloud of fear is moving on. Hell must be filled with people living and reliving past disasters, asking the useless question, "Why, me", and condemning anyone who does not fear and hate as intensely as they do.

I really don't like pain, so I choose to do something positive and reject that dark place of fear. There is an undeniable force in the universe that gives back what we project. Everyone has a story validating the concept of karma, "what goes round comes round," "think and grow rich," "be careful what you wish for," and miracles or prayers answered. Because I really believe in this principle, the past eight years filled with fear mongering, careless words (e.g., "bring it on"), aggression, and torture have been horrendous. Holding the higher ground, trying to maintain positive psychic energy and make positive choices is going to be easier now. Not because the troubles in the world are gone. The world continues to be dangerous and filled with pain and suffering. It will be easier to live when hope not fear is the focus. On Tuesday night, Obama was given a beautiful, rare and broken nation to repair and protect. We the people are with him in making America and the world a better place.

"Somewhere over the rainbow,
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow.
Why then, oh why can't I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why, can't I?"

Yes, Dorothy. We can!