Monday, December 14

Shower the People With Love

"May your days be merry and bright!" - Irving Berlin

Over-the-top Christmas at the Madonna Inn, SLO, CA

Mom Betty and Jay, Burbank, CA

Christmas is hugging family

Never alone

From Beginning to End

-Kathy Mackey

Young girl dreams of an angel

On her right hand shoulder

Urging obedience and sacrifice.


Angry teen dreams of a devil

Raging on her left hand shoulder.

End obedience. Refuse to sacrifice.


No midlife dream instructs or shouts.

Often, it whispers of solitary wanderings or

Threats conjured by the daily news.


Aged, she banishes angels, demons, solitude

Lamenting her dwindling need for sleep.

Overwhelmed with end of life questions, she

Needs the comfort of silent spaces, kind faces,

Empowering mantras and the grace that is love.

For Sedona Coyote Poets, Acrostic poem, December  2020 

May all beings know love and peace 
this Christmas and always.