Friday, March 7

Today is Brief

Season of Rebirth

The Brightness of Springtime

We See Beauty - The Bee Sees Life

Another Spring
By Christina Georgina Rossetti

If I might see another Spring 
I'd not plant summer flowers and wait: 
I'd have my crocuses at once 
My leafless pink mezereons, 
My chill-veined snow-drops, choicer yet 
My white or azure violet, 
Leaf-nested primrose; anything 
To blow at once, not late. 

If I might see another Spring 
I'd listen to the daylight birds 
That build their nests and pair and sing, 
Nor wait for mateless nightingale; 
I'd listen to the lusty herds, 
The ewes with lambs as white as snow, 
I'd find out music in the hail 
And all the winds that blow. 

If I might see another Spring - 
Oh stinging comment on my past 
That all my past results in ‘if’ - 
If I might see another Spring 
I'd laugh today, today is brief 
I would not wait for anything: 
I'd use today that cannot last, 
Be glad today and sing.