Thursday, December 26

Brightening Up The World

"It would appear that our soul is naturally inclined toward generosity and it falls into a type of anguish when we deny ourselves our inherent capacity to act on that grace." - "The Importance of Giving Thanks: Changing lives with grace" by Caroline Myss

Jesse says she does not celebrate Christmas, and not because of any religious reasons, but because this holiday has lost it's meaning.  It has become a sales opportunity, a Pavlovian buzzer causing consumer salivation and distress.  It's hard to disagree with her.  Especially hard when we are bombarded with advertising buzzers before Halloween, now.  Someone joked that Christmas sales will be promoted in July - truly a Christmas in July nightmare.

But, I agree with Caroline Myss that human beings are by nature generous.  We want to be good and share that good with others.  Keeping our good to ourselves, hoarding and measuring like Scrooge is uncomfortable and confining.  That's why the traditions of gift giving, sharing food, celebrating, and being happy with others at Christmas is such a comfort. 

I have vivid memories of barely being able to scrape together a meal on Christmas and decorating a give away tree with Christmas cards and tinsel, but not minding the skimpiness because a neighbor or friend would come by and brighten the day by sharing a story, a memory, a few minutes of themselves.   Those friends made my life less lonely, isolated and small.  Their generosity was and still is grace in action - the antidote to the holiday blues. 

 The best antidote to what's wrong with Christmas is to keep Christ consciousness going every day of the year.   May all beings know love and peace.