Sunday, June 16

Coffee Cup Reflections

Coffee is Good For You

One of the last things my father did in his life was make a pot of coffee.  He was a coffee advocate.  He found the caffeine state stimulating and often our best discussions were made around the kitchen table with cups of strong coffee in our hands - the more the merrier, the more controversial the better, no holds barred.  Fortunately, Mom was there to moderate any especially tedious monologues or steer us away from the topics that caused an alarming rise in Dad's blood pressure.

I learned a lot from Dad.  He did so much for me and my own family and the sad thing, for me, is that I didn't really appreciate much of what he did until he was gone.  This realization could be tragic and traumatic for me if it weren't for my Father's overriding and final lesson:  love each other.  He started early on this one and pursued its meaning, in all of its challenges and manifestations, until he passed.  All six of his children and most of his grandchildren learned to love each other, learned to express this love to each other, and are learning to share this love and this lesson with friends, neighbors and, ...well, with everyone.

I have many fathers in my life, my husband, my son, my brothers, nephews, friends..  and they are celebrated today.  They understand the magic in learning to love each other.

Today is a good day - thank you, Dad!