Tuesday, April 16

When Guardian Angels Sleep

View from Prudential Building - Boston, MA

Sorrow, Courage, Love - For Boston, MA

When Guardian Angels Sleep -  In Boston, MA

Yesterday, someone killed three people and tried to kill hundreds more in Boston, Massachusetts. The day was beautiful, filled with good health, good cheer, happiness and triumph except in the minds of the bomb makers, the haters, the destroyers, the people who strive to overpower and corrupt.

They are "the enemy." But, really, they are serial killers - believers in pain and suffering. They are everywhere and they exist in a vacuum of delusion. The world will learn why this particular serial killer chose Boston, and the world will again be forced to pay attention to dangerous psychopaths. These subhumans not only bomb, kill, and maim, they want to dominate. They do not have feelings. They have impulses. They hurl us into the garbage heap of their minds and shine a light on depravity.

I feel that they do us, - you, me, citizens, normies - a favor. Without them, we would not recognize those that transcend the garbage heap. There would be no light at all, no contrast, nothing. The difficult nature of compassion, true love, spirit, hope would not be explored. In other words...

"God judged it better to bring good out of evil than to suffer no evil to exist." - Saint Augustine

For those who have given up on the concept of god, maybe Mr. Roger's view of tragedy might illustrate how to cope with fearful events: Look for the helpers

For those that find platitudes and quotes repugnant at this time;  rage, anger, and blame are coming our way.  Human nature is on display with all of its horror and glory.  For me, the antidote for the dark side of human nature, is nature itself which teaches me to not judge whether a coyote eating a rabbit is good or bad, or whether a fierce wind is malicious.  I know there is no malice in nature.  I also know that malice is a human invention and I grieve for those that suffer from it.