Sunday, January 20

What I Read in 2012

A couple of years ago, I won a Kindle in a raffle.  At the time, I was thrilled with the concept of winning and not so thrilled with the prize.  I have always liked the look and feel of books.  Paperbacks have been my portable friends for years and every purse or backpack I buy has to have a special section for my reading materials.  Over time, though, I've grown to love my Kindle.  It's like having a portable library without the bulk.  I really like the ability to simply order a new book and have it delivered instantly.  Very addicting and wonderful stuff.  Fortunately, my local library allows Kindle users to check out downloads which is great cost-wise and keeps me in touch with the published items.  Throughout 2012, I loaded up the Kindle with some really good stuff, mainly fiction and mainly "chronicles" or multi-book "series."

My favorite series last year (and part of this year) is the three-book, Makepeace Hedley chronicle, authored by Diana Norman, which takes the reader through the American revolution, to the beginning of the industrial revolution in Britain, and into the jaws of the French revolution.  The main character is the headstrong, American Puritan, business woman, and lover of humanity, Makepeace Burke-Dapifer-Hedley. I am a fan of Norman's other popular series, Mistress of the Art of Death, authored under her pen name, Ariana Franklin and read the last two books in this series in 2012.  So....

I have discovered a love of most things authored by Diana Norman and until last week, just knew she'd deliver a fourth Makepeace Hedley book about her new lover, Sir Mic and her daughters.  Last week I belatedly found out that Norman passed away on January 27, 2011.  She is irreplaceable and will be missed.  I'm hoping to re-read her books that I so love and am glad that there are others she's written that I still need to read.

Meanwhile, I've ordered the Makepeace series in hard copy for my bookshelf.