Thursday, August 27

Hump Day

Don't Hump - Traveltown, Griffith Park Los Angeles, California

A Bird and the Bees - Gardens of the World, Thousand Oaks, California

Stuck in the Middle - Brand Park, Glendale, California

Downhill - Gardens of the World, Thousand Oaks, California

Mid-week is always a joyful time. As a child, getting to Wednesday was a slow climb and a slow downhill slide to the weekend. Teachers, homework, tests and cranky parents filled the entire week with freedom killing tasks and chores. Adults notice that Wednesday comes pretty fast and the weekends disappear even faster. Weeks are filled with freedom killing work, appointments, chores and tasks - more of them - making time stretch to its limits. What is time, anyway? I guess time is the hallmark of organization - making life orderly, maximizing opportunity and experience. Whoa! Way too philosophical for hump day...

...Let's take a "pause for the cause" and celebrate the humpdayness of it all. Hmmmm, anyone care to humpty?