Saturday, July 29

Fear of Gardening

My friend, Salpy, gave me a book titled, "The Herbal Yearbook." I was waiting for her to cut my hair a while back, and was browsing through this cool, slim book of delicious looking herbs.

"Do you like gardening, Kathy?" she asked as she swept up after her last client.

"Well, erm, not really," I stammered, "but, this book makes it look fun and easy."

Salpy wrinkled her tiny nose, "I kill houseplants, so I doubt that I'd have time or luck with stuff in a garden. Do you want this book? One of my customers left it behind, I think, and it's been here a long time."

"I'll take it and thanks." I said.

She smiled, snipped and we drifted into conversation about kids, home improvement projects and the weather.

My tomatoes are green now and whether that is supposed to be their final color or not, I'm grateful that they are alive and thriving.

According to "The Herbal Yearbook," I should also be growing chives for two reasons: 1) to create a delicious sounding lemon-and-chive-butter for the hot tomatoes I'll be serving soon; and 2) to improve the health of apple trees by growing them around the roots.

Hmmm, where am I going to get an apple tree in July?

May all beings know love and peace!!

Sunday, July 23

95 In the Shade

Yes!! It is hot outside. Yesterday it was 119 degrees in parts of the San Fernando Valley - planes can't land or take off in heat like this. I keep thinking about my childhood in the Arizona desert and all of the heat survival tips have come back to me. It helps!

I also think of people living in war-torn Middle East, including our soldiers. It would be a hellish summer in peace time, but now it is truly hell. Bottom line, though, is survival. Staying alive and my prayers are for those who are weak, too old, too young and too unlucky. I pray they get a little grace and survive.

One Hot Minute
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I was riding
Riding on my bike
Me with my friend
We're so alike

Am I all alone

She said all we
Have is this
We just had to stop
And share a kiss

Am I all alone

One hot minute
And I'm in it come and get it
If I chase it

Am I all alone

Close your eyes
And click your heels
Can you believe
How good it feels

Am I all alone

One hot minute
And I'm in it come and get it
If I chase it

I might waste it
Come and get it
I might waste it
Come and get it

Am I all alone

Sitting in the fire
Get along and have some fun
Floating to be higher
Maybe I'm your special one
Silent testifier
Breathe the moon
And eat the sun

Sitting in the fire
A tiny wink is all
All we have
No it's not much more
But don't get mad

Am I all alone

Three lbs. of love
Inside my skull
A million more lives
It's never dull
Just a few times spun
Spun around the sun
A couple more or less
And then were done

May all beings know love and peace.

Monday, July 10

Long Journey Home

"..,Let us assume that man is on the road to self-discovery. What is he to discover?--That he is really free, but that, in order to be free, he must first go through experiences which will teach him how to use his freedom properly; and, after the lesson is learned, he will be free indeed." - Ernest Holmes from "Science of Mind"

Today, I remember my friends. I am grateful for their interest in me and for my interest in them. We are better people because of these connections.

One special friend has made her transition to pure spirit this morning after months of physical pain, mental confusion and the chaos of cancer. She used all of her strength and endurance in this journey and now she rests. Her husband, children, family and friends rest. We miss her physical presence and remember her loving essence and after this dust settles, our friendship and connections will be stronger. She will always be remembered.

"Be open to your dreams, people. Embrace that distant shore. Because our mortal journey is over all too soon." - Chris Stevens, Northern Exposure, It Happened in Juneau, 1992

Monday, July 3

I Got a New Canon Rebel XT!

Happiness is a digital SLR. Now, I just need to read and understand the manual. So far, I can take a picture, but I'm bothered by the automatic flash in all but the "no flash" mode. More to learn!!

Sunday, July 2

It's Rocket Science!!!

My adventurous and intrepid cousin, Pete, and his ship mates just completed an ocean voyage from Providence, Rhode Island, USA, to Cork, Ireland, in thirteen days! Amazing!

Check out the Rocket Science website and their "ship's daily log." Great and inspiring stuff.