Tuesday, October 30

The Guide

Yesterday was Betty's 89th birthday - we spent the weekend with her having interesting talks, visiting with neighbors, sprucing up the house, going out to dinner with friends, watching and participating in a pretty good play at a local church with friends and enjoying ourselves. She is an inspiring guide on the path of life. Despite some physical setbacks, she forges on, taking classes, keeping fit and having fun. A good life is filled with friendly people, meaningful activities and laughter. We enjoyed being a part of Betty's birthday celebrations... they are still in full swing right now!

Happy Birthday, Betty! Party On!

Wednesday, October 24

The Winds

Southern California is on fire... again.

Many people I know are in shock. Some have had to evacuate their homes, one friend lost her home and business, others are coughing up their lungs from breathing soot for the past few days. Many of us, myself included, are grateful for so many good things each day and feel very lucky. I wish I were wise enough to know how to help those that are suffering right now. I stand by, ready to help. I also acknowledge that humans often forget that nature is not the enemy. Nature does not love us or hate us. Nature "is what it is" and is the purest, most non-judgmental teacher in our lives. What we learn from nature is up to us and while many cling to the notion that "global warming" or "endangering the environment" is a left wing fantasy, the rest of us are experiencing the change and must decide to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Today, I am reminded that humans must adapt or die. When the winds blow, make sure your brush is cleared, check your emergency supplies, make sure you've updated your insurance and financial documents, have gas in your car and an escape route embedded in your brain. There are those that ridicule us for living in "Malibu" or in places that are prone to earthquakes, fires, floods, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, arsonists, terrorists. The list can be longer... it can include the dangers of smug and useless bastards that do not realize they sit on a powder keg just like the rest of us. At some point in this painful cycle, everyone will conclude that it is wise to adapt to mother nature rather than kill her. I hope more people, myself included, have the will and intelligence to adapt sooner rather than later.

May all beings displaced or harmed know healing love and peace.

Monday, October 22

Stinkbug Reflections

One day, I looked up and saw massive red rock cliffs, burning blue skies, and a few hawks circling overhead. I looked around and noticed the sparkle of fast moving water, the vivid blue of a morning glory on barbed wire and dewy spider webs. I walked along and wondered at the human arrogance inherent in the initials carved in trees, chiseled in rock and burned into fence posts. Then I looked down and watched a large black stinkbug walking across the warm rock toward the shelter of green shrubs. He detected me somehow and did a headstand with his rear end bobbing up and down warning me away. I stepped around him - avoiding the stench, and continued to enjoy a morning filled with sunshine.

I'm going back to that place tomorrow.