Saturday, October 28

A Cool Green Place

I visited Griffith Park yesterday and was glad to see so many mothers with their children using this gracious place. I wanted to grab a photo of the park's Merry-Go-Round, but it was closed. While I was there, I found out how to visit the newly renovated Observatory and am disappointed that the park will use a "reservation only" approach. Eventually, this approach will prove to deter rather than encourage visitors and then I'll take a peek at what 93 million dollars can do to spiff up an LA icon. Exciting stuff.

I noticed a few good links about green spaces and those committed to keeping them alive and well. Check it out.

1. Keep America Beautiful - results of 2006 "Great American Clean up" event.
2. Whole Foods To Sell Wind Power Cards - on November 1.
3. Inc.'s Green Top 50 - Do good, get rich, the eco advantage .
4. Scorecard - the pollution indication site.

Monday, October 23

The Kids Are Alright

-A souvenir refrigerator magnet for Mom - best gift ever!

My son and his girlfriend just returned from a seven day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. He won this trip in a company raffle, a wonderful surprise out of the blue. Or was it?

Two years ago, I would not have dreamed he would be so happy. He has changed his life from the desperation of an active drug addict, to the life of a hard working, happy and sober man. He has worked every day on gaining maturity, control and faith and we are all grateful for this miracle in our lives. I think this cruise is his reward for his sobriety and an encouragement to him and his family to keep faith, hope and progress alive in our lives.

Today is a good day!

Thursday, October 12

Think Pink

Awareness Saves Lives 

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. There should be a campaign every month to create awareness of all cancers in each of its many deadly forms. Every person I know has a cancer story, some filled with hope and lessons learned and others filled with loss and sadness. Update: October 14: Last night a friend of mine and I went to a great play called Booby Trap - the breast show in town at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood, CA. It's a ".. collection of personal monologues and songs all dealing with a woman's relationship with her breast." Many of the stories really connected with me.  Proceeds from the play will go to weSpark, Cancer Support Center, which offers free services to breast cancer patients and families. I bought a tee shirt, too, and am glad to contribute to this effort and have some fun too! More updates throughout the month!!

Sunday, October 1

Message From Walt

I Was Looking a Long While
by Walt Whitman

I was looking a long while for Intentions,
For a clew to the history of the past for myself, and for these chants -and now I have found it,
It is not in those paged fables in the libraries, (them I neither accept nor reject,)
It is no more in the legends than in all else,
It is in the present -it is this earth today,
It is in Democracy -(the purport and aim of all the past,)
It is the life of one man or one woman today -the average man of today,
It is in the languages, social customs, literature, arts,
It is in the broad show of artificial things, ships, machinery, politics, creeds, modern improvements, and the interchange of nations,
All for the modern -all for the average man of today.