Sunday, December 28

Retro Aquarians

"An Aquarian year doesn’t mean we’ll all turn into hippies. That’s not really Aquarian. Aquarius is more lost in thought, and although concerned with social order and equality, it’s a very airy sort of interest, a mental concern. But if there was a time in recent memory when we needed new ideas for old problems, would this not be it? Yes, indeed, we’ll take all the Jupiter-in-Aquarius help we can get, turning things around in our minds, open to unexpected “Eureka!” moments." - December 20, 2008, Los Angeles

Looking forward to a happy, Hippy New Year!!

Some info, music and video links that really "blow my mind" - Good "Eureka" stuff.

1. "What Have You Changed Your Mind About" from the Edge World Question Center
2. "How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Values" - Jane Mayer interview.
3. "Everybody" and "Peace on Earth" by guitarist and singer, Raul Midon
4. "Andy Plays Mozart" - scene from the movie, "Shawshank Redemption"
5. "The Cow" by Aleksandr Petrov
6. "Fantastic Planet" by Rene Laloux
7. Chromasia - photoblog
8. Postsecret - BloggieBlog

Celebrate all year long!

Wednesday, December 17