Thursday, December 20

Clear Skies for Christmas

I am looking forward to clear skies on Christmas. The world needs all of the clarity, light and love we can generate. Let's have some good times this holiday season and keep the "goodness" momentum going all year long.

May all beings know love and peace!

Monday, December 17

Two Good Reasons... get rid of my favorite shoes: 1) it's Christmas and I bought myself a present of a new pair of super comfy, not-pretty, on-my-feet-all-day shoes; and 2) I can no longer stand the hypocrisy of berating my husband for hanging onto to his disgusting hiking boots. If I'm able to throw out my Hush Puppy suede loafers, knowing that they are no longer manufactured, the hiking boots are not long for his feet.

I am not a "saver" and any junkiness (e.g., mail, broken stuff, cartons, cans, newspapers) are in the trash/recycle bin faster than a speeding bullet. Many people hang onto their clutter and old, battered junk without noticing the growing mounds and decreasing space around them. After debating for months whether to continue wearing these destroyed and smelly shoes, I have compassion for "these people" even though I do not count myself among them. I have, after all, thrown my anchor out and have not perished from remorse or blisters. To keep something that is worn out and no longer functional vs. getting rid of it is an ongoing debate in our house.

btw - A similar debate, (I know, I know, I'm reeeaallly stretching it here) is currently underway in the US Senate over renewing the heinous P.L. 110-55 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act revamp approved by Congress in August which will sunset in February 2008. Senator Chris Dodd and Russ Feingold have put forth an amendment to the renewal of this Act which would remove the retroactive immunity provided to telecom companies (AT&T) who cooperated with GWB before 9/11 in wiretapping innocent US citizens. After watching Harry Reid bog down in logistics - the debate is delayed until January, after the holiday recess.

This is an issue so important that even Brittany Spear's underwear status or who will compete in the next American Idol show pales in comparison. I hope, Reid and other representatives like him toss out their useless ballet slippers and get a new pair of sturdy Doc Martins steel toed boots. It's time to kick some ass and save some Constitutional rights to privacy, free speech, and equal treatment under the law.

Monday, December 10

The Anaconda Effect

It has been a while since my husband and I ventured into the party scene - a long while. As I surveyed our sadly outdated party clothes, I made a short list of essentials for each of us.

My List:
Expensive top - low cut
Kicky, flirty skirt
New dress shoes
Spanx Bodyshaper(s)
Rejuvenating face mask/firming moisturizer

His List:
Suit (remove all junk from pockets and dryclean)
White shirt
New tie (hide his crappy bow tie)
New leather loafers or retrieve and polish old ones (hide his crappy hiking boots)
Mapquest directions to ET Holiday party

Sigh! A full week's worth of shopping, cleaning, primping, listening to him worry about the weather-coworker's who would not go to party-condition of car-comfort of his apparel - yaddayaddayadda. Once he was in his suit, he'd look fantastic. I, however, had to transition from frump to glamour girl in under three days and while I felt daunted and overwhelmed, those Friday nights watching "What Not To Wear" on the The Learning Channel gave me some good guidance. I'd find a two piece outfit, ruched in the front, with a bias cut or wrap tie, no horizontal stripes, rich tones and pointy shoes.

After I found a really nice outfit at Loehmann's, I realized that WNTW neglected to discuss solutions for those bulges and lumps which were disguised in the front but were obvious from the rear - I hate those dressing room mirrors. Hmmmm. I thought I had an undergarment or two that might take care of that problem, but I must have gotten rid of them and I couldn't find much in Macy's. The salesgirl suggested Spanx full body shaper hose (??) at Nordstrom's and off I went. I located the appropriate item that encased me in a steely band of spandex from just under my bust to my toes. It felt like I was swallowed by a hungry anaconda and I rejoiced at the sleekness while trying to keep my lungs from collapsing. What a goddsend!

On the night of the big bash, both of us looked transformed and handsome in our new/different duds. We drank too much (open bar, huzzah!!) and stayed seated most of the night, but enjoyed the Sunset Strip and a tiny bit of glamour. Now... on to the next bash and maybe I'll try the spanx hide-n-seek, strapless cami this weekend.