Saturday, June 18

Into the Blue

"Liam Devlin: [to the pilot] How do I jump out of this thing?
Pilot: Undo your safety belt. I turn the aircraft upside down, you drop out."
- from the movie The Eagle Has Landed.

Last Saturday, Jay and I took a helicopter ride over the canyons of Sedona and what a thrill!  Because we wanted to take photos, we had unknowingly reserved a tiny copter with no doors, an ancient lap belt, and for that extra secure feeling, a tiny nylon strap just inside each door.

The initial terror of simply flying above all of this massive rock and forest was almost overwhelming.  Then the pilot started explaining what each rock formation represented, which Indians lived where, how roads were carved out of rock, and various other facts about this region, and my pulse settled enough that I could take some photos and enjoy the amazing landscape.

If it wasn't so expensive, I'd do this every week.  Wheeee!