Tuesday, April 23

Today Is A Good Day

For the past few weeks, I've felt betrayed by nature. Our vehicles were infested with packrats in the engines, feasting on expensive wiring, setting us back financially, and causing us to devise crazy rituals to prevent further damage. Looking back, the most upsetting damage is to our complacency. We now commiserate with others who must keep their hoods up and the lights on to ward off the vicious chomping of ravenous rats (erm...sorry for the drama).

Not only have we been spending bucks battling the rat world, but other pests supposedly decided to infest our fragile home: termites. Our pest control inspector was tasked with discouraging rodents from entering our house and vehicles. While doing so, he "discovered" termite activity. We thought the company had dealt with costly termite activity about five years ago. By now, we've developed an expect-the-worse attitude and, despite some pointed questions, resigned ourselves  to this latest disaster and decided to spend over a thousand dollars to exterminate our latest adversary. 

So, yesterday the termite exterminator, Dylan, showed up. He managed to crawl under the house in two very tight places, drill into things, and carefully examine the outside foundation. 

"You don't have active termites and don't need today's treatment. Call the company and ask for a refund. You need to remove the wood and building materials under the house because it will attract subterranean termites in the future, but nothing today." And, with that honest and welcome assessment, we saved a lot of money and renewed our trust in humanity.  Thank you, Dylan!

Feeling rested this morning and looking forward to a good day filled with sunshine, I decided to check into the astral plane for guidance and reassurance. Today's three-spread Taro reading reinforced this rediscovered trust and acceptance of the good in our universe. I am reminded that the universe gives us more of what we focus on, and if that focus is to accept the worst, the most hurtful, and the gloom in life, expect more of it.  My angels and guides urge me to change my focus and put more creativity, balance, and love in the world.
  • For the past insight, today I drew the Empress, who symbolizes nature, fertility, ease, and creativity.  I am reassured that life is abundant. Be grateful!
  • For the present insight, today I drew Temperance, which acknowledges that I am dealing with a potentially volatile situation requiring serenity. Temperance encourages me to take action in resolving not resisting areas of my life that are out of balance.  I am guided to find a peaceful path. Be brave!
  • For the future insight, today I drew the Lovers who symbolize relationships and decisions. It asks that I evaluate relationships with home, husband, family, finances, and contributions to the community in a mature, loving way. I am guided to make changes as I follow my heart's wisdom. Be loving and kind.

Wednesday, February 14

Love and Innocence


Young Hearts
- by Kathy Mackey

When fear and worry overwhelm

and I sit in darkness instead of light

just before paralysis and gloom

overtake me, I remember that night.

A childhood memory so innocent,

of two friends dancing with the moon,

capturing lightning bugs in our hands,

eating just ripe plums, early for June.


We climbed the dewy mulberry tree

hand over hand, high up the branches,

dangling dirty feet in the summer air,

laughing at danger, taking chances.


Moonglow, backyard shadows,

Fresh breezes, trees, green smells,

young hearts, unrestrained, exploring

feeling the pulse of life in all the world.


Friday, January 5


Past Lives
by Kathy Mackey

Inside this dream is a life I led.

Schoolgirl clothes of blue and grey,

We all held hands with two or more

Running, skipping, laughing, at play.

Then the planes came, the bombs fell,

The world became fire and screaming.


Inside this cloud of pain, I bled.

Playground littered with rag and bone,

Our tree of swinging ropes and sturdy limbs

Burned, broken, crumbling, engulfed by smoke.

Then silence came, the planes left,

The world became ash and moaning.


Inside this memory of violent death

I wore a radiant dress of golden light.

I climbed my leafy tree to the very top

Singing, touching, feeling another young life.

Then, I knew the vibrant pulse of all souls.

Our world became one with time unending.

May all beings know love and peace.