Wednesday, February 14

Love and Innocence


Young Hearts
- by Kathy Mackey

When fear and worry overwhelm

and I sit in darkness instead of light

just before paralysis and gloom

overtake me, I remember that night.

A childhood memory so innocent,

of two friends dancing with the moon,

capturing lightning bugs in our hands,

eating just ripe plums, early for June.


We climbed the dewy mulberry tree

hand over hand, high up the branches,

dangling dirty feet in the summer air,

laughing at danger, taking chances.


Moonglow, backyard shadows,

Fresh breezes, trees, green smells,

young hearts, unrestrained, exploring

feeling the pulse of life in all the world.


Friday, January 5


Past Lives
by Kathy Mackey

Inside this dream is a life I led.

Schoolgirl clothes of blue and grey,

We all held hands with two or more

Running, skipping, laughing, at play.

Then the planes came, the bombs fell,

The world became fire and screaming.


Inside this cloud of pain, I bled.

Playground littered with rag and bone,

Our tree of swinging ropes and sturdy limbs

Burned, broken, crumbling, engulfed by smoke.

Then silence came, the planes left,

The world became ash and moaning.


Inside this memory of violent death

I wore a radiant dress of golden light.

I climbed my leafy tree to the very top

Singing, touching, feeling another young life.

Then, I knew the vibrant pulse of all souls.

Our world became one with time unending.

May all beings know love and peace.