Friday, March 3


Little Guy - the Dreamer

Kapono - The Thinker

Caesar & Cornelia - The Muscle

Thank god it's dog Friday! After years of the obsessive/compulsive scrutiny of all things Trump, it's good to focus attention on the truly deserving in this world: dogs.

How can humans claim to be the most highly evolved creatures on the planet when dogs are clearly the tops. Pound for pound, they are superior to humans in strength and endurance. They know what's important in life and relish the pursuit of food, romping, unrestrained peeing & pooping, smelling, tasting, and fitting in. They add to the enjoyment of ordinary life with their tail wagging, growling, frisking and chasing. Humans try to emulate this healthiness, this exuberance for doing things and being with people, but often fail miserably. At least we have the good example of our dog friends to guide us toward a joyous life lived in the moment. 

There is a dog in my neighborhood that is neglected. He is left outside alone, night and day, without a dog house or comforting enclosure. He barks from very early morning to mid-day and I sometimes hear him howling with the wild coyotes that roam our hills - trying in vain to belong or maybe he's crying out for help from his cousin pack animals. No amount of complaining or reasoning convinces his owners to keep their dog inside with them when its dark, rainy, cold, lonely outside. They think dogs like being outside in the snow, sleet and rain. Dogs love thunder and lightning, and want to be breathing lawn furniture ignored 80% of the time. Someone that these neighbors trust will have to help them understand that having a dog is a gift and privilege not an act of charity or a smart move to prevent break-ins.

Fortunately, there is only one family among twenty or thirty that treat their dogs like, erm...dogs. All of the other neighbors treat their dogs like cherished family members complete with quirky personalities and invisible angel wings.