Thursday, March 5

The When...

Under the Weather

Hole in the Sky
"When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back
 and laugh at the sky." - Gautama Siddhartha Buddha

I was thinking about the common saying, "You either laugh or cry."

I think of this phrase when I watch the news on TV or when the simple challenges of life happen - a bad cold, a flat tire, a forgotten bill - the basics.  All of these challenges make me feel uncomfortable. They prod and nag and itch in my mind until I realize that I have to "get a grip",  look at my automatic reaction, and do something... or not.

In many ways, these five words sum up my philosophy of life.  I have choices.  Even when faced with death, I can accept it with a smile or not accept it and suffer.  The key and the hardest part of life sometimes is acceptance.  The "when" part of the Buddha's wise observation above.