Saturday, October 28

A Cool Green Place

I visited Griffith Park yesterday and was glad to see so many mothers with their children using this gracious place. I wanted to grab a photo of the park's Merry-Go-Round, but it was closed. While I was there, I found out how to visit the newly renovated Observatory and am disappointed that the park will use a "reservation only" approach. Eventually, this approach will prove to deter rather than encourage visitors and then I'll take a peek at what 93 million dollars can do to spiff up an LA icon. Exciting stuff.

I noticed a few good links about green spaces and those committed to keeping them alive and well. Check it out.

1. Keep America Beautiful - results of 2006 "Great American Clean up" event.
2. Whole Foods To Sell Wind Power Cards - on November 1.
3. Inc.'s Green Top 50 - Do good, get rich, the eco advantage .
4. Scorecard - the pollution indication site.