Saturday, July 29

Fear of Gardening

My friend, Salpy, gave me a book titled, "The Herbal Yearbook." I was waiting for her to cut my hair a while back, and was browsing through this cool, slim book of delicious looking herbs.

"Do you like gardening, Kathy?" she asked as she swept up after her last client.

"Well, erm, not really," I stammered, "but, this book makes it look fun and easy."

Salpy wrinkled her tiny nose, "I kill houseplants, so I doubt that I'd have time or luck with stuff in a garden. Do you want this book? One of my customers left it behind, I think, and it's been here a long time."

"I'll take it and thanks." I said.

She smiled, snipped and we drifted into conversation about kids, home improvement projects and the weather.

My tomatoes are green now and whether that is supposed to be their final color or not, I'm grateful that they are alive and thriving.

According to "The Herbal Yearbook," I should also be growing chives for two reasons: 1) to create a delicious sounding lemon-and-chive-butter for the hot tomatoes I'll be serving soon; and 2) to improve the health of apple trees by growing them around the roots.

Hmmm, where am I going to get an apple tree in July?

May all beings know love and peace!!