Wednesday, September 8

Are We Crazy?

Any President who supports the insane notion that respectable hunters need AK 47s and Uzis to "hunt" Elk is seriously deluded. Haven't the gun runners made enough money on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Business has been so good for these misery merchants that the USA is running out of bullets and is buying more from Israel (Link).

I guess greed is a mental illness that has debilitated our House of Representatives and maybe these people should be screened for hostile, anti social, suicidal tendencies before running for any government office. Why should grade schoolers and pregnant women in America be the only ones subjected to mandatory mental health screenings and put on impulse control medications for the rest of their lives?

Many of our politicians and paid elected officials are becoming more insane than the handful of high schoolers who occasionally massacre their school mates and teachers, or the postal workers who rampage against their bosses, or the home-grown terrorists who blow up federal buildings. Why?

They are allowing the assault weapons ban to sunset next Monday, and according to Senator Dianne Feinstein it's because the NRA will not endorse Bush for president unless the ban is lifted (Link). Most Americans don't own guns (Link). They don't like guns. They don't want to fear that their next door neighbor, or the guy in the cubicle next to them or the frustrated driver on Interstate 5 might have an Uzi handy to help them vent their rage. Most Americans are tired of hearing about the carnage caused by crazies shooting up the place and most Americans think the sane thing to do is to get rid of the frickin things.

Bush seems to be genuinely worried about the mental health of our nation, yet he sits by and allows the assault weapons ban to expire! No wonder America's collective conscious is mired in anger, fear and loathing. The Bush administration talks up these issues while actively promoting catastrophe. Why else would any person concerned about terrorism allow assault weapons to be sold, and sold by such nice people who truly care about the health and safety of our citizens (Link). Right! If American's are getting crazier we have the Bush administration to thank.

Wake up politicians. Children are scared shitless to go to school because they might get shot! Wake up Mom and Dad NRA members. Fear of being shot to death makes little Johnny and Mary antisocial. Wake up Republicans who control the votes in the House of Representatives, your children are becoming maladjusted trying to find the truth in your commitment to fighting “terror.”

What a truly insane world in which to live. Urge your representatives to continue the ban on assault weapons in America. It's the first real step to eliminating terror from our streets, right here and right now.