Tuesday, September 21

Three Strikes and You're Bobblehead History!

Oh those polls! The people I know are mystified that half or over half of the Americans that are polled continue to support the "boy in the bubble", the "bobblehead" president, Mr. GWB!

I have have met the bobblehead people who love the bobblehead president, and they all "feel like they can sit down and have a beer with ol GWB."

Well, we all know that GWB is drinking again according to inside sources somewhere which has raised a fluttering eyelash or two in the press corps. So it probably is possible for the ultra elite in the world to knock back a brewski with the pres. If you're not ultra elite, simply contribute $99 to the RNC, and attend one of those idol worship dinners where you pay $1,000 a plate to dine on CNR (chicken and rice) and bad wine while listening to the latest rant about anyone who isn't a white, male Christian making over 100k a year.

Anyway, they love the codger. They love it when he falls off his Segwey, or swallows a pretzel, or miscommunicates so horribly entire books are filled with his gaffs, or when he holds his crotch instead of his heart during the most recent 9/11 memorial photo op, and on and on.

They can't believe article after article written by the corrupt "liberal" press that he continues to ignore his generals on winning the war in Iraq. (Link to General Zinni interview.) Or, that he looks other way while innocent Iraqi and Afghan "detainees" are kidnapped, tortured, buggered, raped, and held hostage in a prisons under siege or in "secret" prisons around the world while the "contractors" (i.e., mercenaries) responsible are not fired but continue their "work" without any supervision. Still! (Link.)

He's not the man that allows his Vice President to campaign on the promise that if Kerry is elected, we'll all die because Kerry has a mythical connection to Saddam who has a mythical connection to Osama who is definitely connected to Bush, but that's covered in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, and "gosh hecky darn" those bobblehead loving homelanders mustn't soil their virgin eyes with the dirty, complicated facts in Mr. Moore's film. GWB says we're fighting terrorists who are against freedom and they believe it. It's simple.

They can't believe report after report from the government itself, that the tax cuts, fighting two huge wars, rewarding corporations that cut staff and move off shore to avoid taxes, and so many other illogical "economic plans" of GWB are simply bad for the country. He says "we're turning the corner" on the "recession" and they believe ol GWB. Simple.

So, of course everything Bush says contains a grain of truth, he makes everything sound good, and godly and patriotic and simple. Simple is secure. Simple is godly. Simple is well behaved. Simple is standard issue. Simple is not sick, or powerless, neglected or overlooked. Simple doesn't require messing around with icky politics.

Simple is baseball. Three strikes and you're out!

Strike One: Afghanistan - we won some real estate but have not caught Osama or stopped al Queda.

Strike Two: Iraq - we are losing what little real estate we won, the death toll is rising, our money is running out along with our allies, and we're now realizing it was IRAN not IRAQ that has weapons of mass destruction!

Strike Three: US Economy - see the two strikes above which represent a slashed monetary artery that's hemorrhaging billions, add two TAX CUTS, a useless Medicare drug program, a bloated new wing of the govt called Homeland Security, and you have a perfect storm of economic disaster looming.

Bench "bush league" thinking. Bench Bush!