Saturday, October 9

Was That Crazy or What?

Last night's second Presidential debate was scary! Initially, I thought Bush looked better and seemed amped up and aggressive, but holy smokes, he literally lost his reason after Kerry's response to his no-draft announcement. This was when The President lost the debate. (Link to Presidential debate #2.)

He pulled rank, frankly. Even when the moderator tried to reassure GWB that the issue would be addressed, he had to have it his own way.

Amazingly, at that point, when Bush could have created a major advantage for himself, he carped on how Kerry is disrespecting our allies, one of his weakest issues. He then lost the advantage when Kerry made the point that eight countries have left or are pulling out of the coalition, including POLAND.

The last question of the night asked Bush to admit his mistakes and he wouldn't do it. He was handed the perfect opportunity to co-opt many of Kerry's campaign promises, admit his mistakes, apologize for them, tell people how he'd make amends and do better, but he didn't do it.

No wonder our current foreign policy does not include negotiating or debating or talking to our allies or our enemies. They are supposed to endure his campaign speeches (e.g., his last visit to the UN) instead and gawd help them if they talk back. I can't image what anyone is thinking who would elect this angry, impulsive person to a position where his itchy finger is on the nuclear trigger.

Instead of putting a leash on his daughters as he mentioned in the first presidential debates, he should put one on himself.