Friday, March 3

What You Wish For

One of my resolutions for this year is to improve, beautify, and/or enhance the furnishing in our house. We've lived with the same hide-a-bed living room sofa for over ten years and have noticed over the past few months, that the hard, pokey springs of this bed make sitting on the sofa painful. So, after much debate, we bought a new couch without a hidden bed as well as a sleek, leather recliner. After six weeks of waiting, they came yesterday and are functional, comfortable and beautiful!

While we were waiting for our new living room furniture and arranging to dispose of the old stuff, my eye kept squinting at my thrift store bedroom furniture. A couple of weeks ago, I wished for a new, elegant bedroom with more storage and something pretty to look at in the mornings and evenings and in between. And ... my wish came true!

My grandmother's antique bedroom set, used by my parents and lately by my younger brother, became available. In one day, we travelled to San Francisco, loaded up the armoire, chest of drawers, and dressing table and drove back to Burbank before the rains came. It worked out that we had help loading and unloading these pieces and "presto chango" our bedroom is filled with beautiful furniture and wonderful memories!

The mind manifests in wonderful ways! We are so grateful!