Sunday, June 24

It Can't Happen Here....Again!

"Dr. Strangelove: Mr. President, it is not only possible, it is essential. That is the whole idea of this machine, you know. Deterrence is the art of producing in the mind of the enemy... the FEAR to attack. And so, because of the automated and irrevocable decision-making process which rules out human meddling, the Doomsday machine is terrifying and simple to understand... and completely credible and convincing."

Here are five signs that the "doomsday" mentality is back:

1. Highway Watch - where truckers spy on unsuspecting motorists and report "terrorist " activities.

2. The President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health which funds "mental health" screenings and identification of school children with potential mental health issues.

3. The FBI's "Guidelines" distributed to colleges and universities - describing the suspicious activities of students with the potential to be terrorist spies.

4. President Bush's "Warrantless Wiretap" authorizations - a secret program that bypasses legal procedures and allows the government to listen in on telephone/internet transmissions in secret and without judicial oversight.

5. The Military Commissions Act of 2006 - a response to the US Supreme Court which establishes procedures governing the use of military commissions to try unlawful enemy combatants engaged in hostilities against the United States; it eliminates their right to challenge their detention, a violation of the US Constitution which provides these rights except in the case of "rebellion or invasion." Disturbing aspects of this Act are too numerous to mention - but one big one is that the President and/or Secretary of Defense or their appointees can determine who is an unlawful enemy combatant and an even bigger one is that the illegality of an enemy combatant's actions can be determined in the past when there were not laws against the action. In other words, IDLUYF-(Idon'tlikeyouyou'refucked).