Saturday, August 30

White Birds and Blue Water

Great White Egret - Monterey Bay California

Under the Bridge
"To see a heron in your dream represents self-reliance, stability, tactfulness and careful forethought. You will achieve much success through your efforts. Alternatively, dreaming of a heron signifies your ability to explore and delve into your subconscious." - Spirit Animal Totems

I dreamt deeply last night.  When I woke, the only remains of the dream were white birds and blue water.   An acquaintance, beloved by perhaps the whole town, was found dead in his bed yesterday and his passing has left behind shock and mysteries.  He was my age.  The struggle to stay alive, to become more alive, to live with joy and purpose has just become more urgent and more important.  

May all who struggle know love and may all those who no longer struggle, know peace.