Sunday, December 2

Cloud Menagerie

Sunbathing Birds

Hummingbird Reflections

Osprey over Woods Canyon Lake

As Clouds Go By

Cloud Menagerie
by Kathy Mackey

Within the cage of silent sky
winds rattle the chem trail bars.
Look inside at white puffs of antelope
tumbling into a colossal tiger’s jaw.

See filmy wisps of fleeing zebras
slip through giant rabbit ears.
A lion’s mane expands and floats
as sleet-grey nimbus clouds appear.

Towering bears and prancing horses
 whirl and plunge chasing sunbeams
into the black and purple storm front,
home of the thunder dragon’s menagerie.

Rain falls. Lightning sizzles the cloud fort walls.
Antelope, tiger, zebra, rabbit, lion, bear and horse
dissolve into the rising air. No impressions anywhere
until the sky clears, winds blow, and clouds pile up once more.