Thursday, November 11

Which Ornament Should I Buy?

You know it's getting close to Thanksgiving when the Christmas mail order catalogs start flooding your mailbox. I regret buying stuff out of them because they share my address with similar companies, so the junk mail has doubled, again, this year.

I can't help it though. I know I can go to the 99Cent Store and get many of the things they sell even cheaper, but I tend to buy different stuff. Stuff not available in every World Wildlife or Solutions catalog.

Right now, I'm trying to decide which Christmas ornament I should get. Or, maybe both of them? Or, maybe a couple more since they're so special. I suppose I should get the one that reminds me most of Jesus, since the holiday celebrates his birth. It will be a holiday reminder hanging on my fake Christmas tree of all that is done in Jesus' name these days.

This one?

Or this one.

Maybe I can find an ornament that celebrates America's supreme homage to Jesus with a right-to-life Christmas button. The savior would be proud of all of the strides made to protect the unborn and the suicidal. I guess this half-dead, bombed and starved Iraqi kid doesn't qualify for a right to life since he's not unborn, or suicidal, or an American or a born again believer.

How can so many Americans condemn people who choose to use contraception or get an abortion, or use assisted suicide when they support the killing of innocent people in Iraq? This is how George W. Bush operates. He says it's wrong to deny life to the unborn or terminally ill while saying it's right to invade a country, killing thousands of living innocents, because they might be an enemy. There are a lot of smart, compassionate, kind people that understand this seeming hypocrisy and who voted to re-elect Bush. I don't understand it.

Well, while I'm buying ornaments, maybe I can drop some checks to UNESCO and the Red Cross so they can continue helping desperate kids. I can also do more in my personal life to be peaceful and keep the com lines open just in case a right-to-lifer has a question about my beliefs.