Wednesday, June 7

Don't That Beat All?!!

The results of yesterday's California primary are not surprising, except for the election of Republican Brian Billbray to the US House of Representatives for the 50th District (North San Diego). He ran against Democrat Francine Busby, Cardiff School Board member. Billbray's last job was a lobbyist!!! He belongs to the same "good ol boy" club as his recently indicted predecessor, Duke Cunningham.

Both of these career politicians sold out their constituents to developers/corporations for personal gain. Cunningham was such a successful employee of any corporation or group willing to bribe him, he could not be ignored. Just let your eyes rest on any paragraph in his bio link above and prepare to be amazed that he lasted this long without doing jail time.

Billbray started his political career as:

"...Mayor was marked by his attempt to build a yacht marina in the Tijuana Estuary and build a 1.5 mile breakwater off of the beach of Imperial Beach. Both projects were stopped by the opposition of local environmentalists and surfers. The Tijuana River Estuary is now a National Estuarine Research Reserve and California State Park. The breakwater project was halted with the help of the then fledgling Surfrider Foundation."

He continues to represent his corporate backers to the detriment of his constituents until they booted him. He should continue to be a lobbyist and work openly for those that pay him, but he gets to go to Washington instead and pretend to care about District 50

(btw, he's not even a resident of this place.

"Because Imperial Beach is outside the 50th Congressional District, Bilbray listed his mother's address in Carlsbad, California when filing his candidacy papers, as Carlsbad is in the 50th Congressional District.")

No wonder the Bush Republicans are jubilant. It's 2004 all over again. Simply unfurl some unsubstantiated and/or "misspoken" bullshyte about the opposition, say "gay marriage" and win the election - no need to even pretend to be ethical, caring or competent. What does that say about American voters?!