Saturday, June 3

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

"A foolish heart will call on you to toss your dreams away, then turn around and blame you for the way you went astray." - Grateful Dead, Foolish Heart

I heard the news today... Oh boy.

The item that really hits home is the death of Vince Welnick, the last keyboard player for the Grateful Dead. His cousin was one of my best friends when I was growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. At that time, Phoenix had a small town mentality even as it surged past the half-million population marker. Everyone knew everyone and the "grapevine" communication system was extensive, quick and accurate. Debbie and I would find out where Vince and/or other favorite musicians were playing and try to get in without being carded - often we would get in or we would wait for the non-alcoholic after hours sessions and dance or hang out.

There were so many really good players back in those days and not just rock players, but jazz, folk, and country western musicians too. Many of them migrated to Los Angeles for a shot at the big time, and Vince hit the bulls eye. Today's news item speculates that his success was not enough to make him happy, but what do press agents and reporters really know about anything. I hope he found as much happiness as he deserved and passed some of it on.