Friday, July 6

The Upward Way

"For all there are two stages of the path, as they are making upwards or have already gained the upper sphere.

The first degree is the conversion from the lower life; the second — held by those that have already made their way to the sphere of the Intelligibles, have set as it were a footprint there but must still advance within the realm — lasts until they reach the extreme hold of the place, the Term attained when the topmost peak of the Intellectual realm is won."
- Third Tractate, "On Dialectic - The Upward Way" of "Six Enneads" by Plotinus (205 -270)

There are many things I love about the web. It is a source of endless learning. Today, I googled the word "emanation" and stumbled onto Plotinus, an Egyptian-Roman philosopher who had the audacity(?), inspiration(?), intellect(?) (possibly all three qualities and more) to explain the divine and how to attain unity with it.

I hear echoes of his philosophy in the writings of Thoreau, Emmerson, Ernest Holmes and even in the pop-culture mega-hit, "The Secret." The concept of energy emanating from a powerful source in a circular fashion and eventually making its way back to the source resonates with me and with my experiences in life.

"What goes around, comes around."

Might as well put out positive, uplifting wishes and thoughts and know that they will neutralize thoughtlessness and create the good we all deserve...

May all beings know love and peace.